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April 18, 2024

Healing Hands: ER Doctor Leads $1.1M Aid Mission to Israel


April 4, 2024

My Volunteer Story


March 20, 2024

What most people get wrong about inheriting property


March 14, 2024

Standing Together: Reflections from Volunteering in Southern Israeli Communities


March 6, 2024

Beacon of Resilience: Medical Center Rises as Symbol of Hope for Israel’s North


March 5, 2024

From Mitzpe Ramon to Mars: New Hub Paves Way for Israel’s Tech and Space Industry


February 15, 2024

From Holocaust to Revival: How Kibbutz Yad Mordechai has Become a Symbol of Resilience and Continuity


January 4, 2024

“Agplomacy”: 100 Kenyan Agricultural Students Cultivate New Ties in Israel’s Battered South


January 4, 2024

Gidi Grinstein on the “Secret Sauce,” Behind the Success of Jewish Continuity


november 13, 2023

Donor Matches $145,000 Student Fundraiser Supporting Israelis


November 6, 2023

Cultivating Hope: Jewish National Fund-USA is Bolstering Israel’s Food Security and Economy Amidst Conflict


September 22, 2023

Family Create 'Bee-autiful' Life in Israel's North

june 22, 2023

Celebrating Inclusion in Israel


june 15, 2023

Local Philanthropist Honors Late Mother’s Memory and Israel’s Heritage


June 1, 2023

This Is My Israel: A Tapestry of Hope, Vibrant Communities and Purpose


may 8, 2023

WWII Vets in Israel Celebrate Victory Day


april 28, 2023

Hundreds of Zionist Philanthropists Attend Emotional Yom HaZikaron Ceremony at Ammunition Hill


april 3, 2023

A Chain of Generations


April 3, 2023

Love for Israel from Generation to Generation


march 29, 2023

An Alamedan and three Israelis on a Hill


March 21, 2023

Passover Reaffirms Israel Needs Us, and We Need Them


March 16, 2023

How Remote Israeli Communities Flourish on Just 1 Inch of Rainfall a Year

March 15, 2023

Israeli and Arab Scientists Work Together to Solve Regional Water Challenges


march 14, 2023

A Water-Weary Town Sources New Life


February 13, 2023

An Alamedan and three Israelis on a Hill


February 9, 2023

A Vision For a More Inclusive Culinary World


February 8, 2023

“Run for Inclusion” Inspires Young American Jewish Leaders


February 7, 2023

A Special Initiative Opens Up World of Academia For People With Disabilities


february 3, 2023

Israel’s Top Five Eco-Destinations


january 24, 2023

Remembering the Lost Children of the Holocaust


january 18, 2023

Timna Park – The Hidden Gem & Home of King Solomon’s Mines


january 10, 2023

Big Support For Israel’s Small Businesses


january 9, 2023

Eco-Zionism® – the Jewish People’s Movement For Our Earth


january 6, 2023

International Day of Persons with Disabilities is Both a Celebration and Business as Usual for One Israeli Organization


december 14, 2022

Jewish National Fund-USA and the Yerusalem Forum Partner in a Celebration of Ethiopian History and Culture


july 20, 2022

Northern Israel’s Top 5 Hidden Kosher Destinations


july 7, 2022

SoFla Teens Discover and Deepen Connection to Israel at High School in Israel


June 11, 2022

“End Jew Hatred” Coordinator Shares Story of Overcoming Antisemitic Roots at Jewish National Fund-USA’s Breakfast for Israel in Chicago


June 10, 2022

Minneapolis Couple Gives $100,000 to Scholarships for Teens to Study in Israel


may 6, 2022

History Comes Alive at Atlit Detention Center Heritage Site


may 5, 2022

I Thought I Knew Israel


April 29, 2022

Austin Female Philanthropists Empower and Rebuild Community as Pandemic Restrictions Ease


April 19, 2022

Ukrainian Immigrants' First Passover in Israel


April 15, 2022

JNF-USA Sunshine Tour Participants "Treated Like Royalty" During Mission to Israel


April 12, 2022

Israeli Farmers Turn a New Leaf


march 23, 2022

Uncovering the Hidden Story of the Liberator and Liberated


March 1, 2022

Ben M. Freeman and His Fight for Jewish Pride


february 25, 2022

Making Israel’s History and Heritage Accessible for All


February 23, 2022

New JNFuture Exec Says Texas J-Comm Ready to Grow


February 2, 2022

The Modern-Day Pioneers Transforming Israel’s South


january 14, 2022

Leaving No One Behind This Tu BiShvat


january 11, 2022

MLK: A Zionist Who Spoke Truth to Israel’s Detractors


december 2, 2021

Israel – A Model of Inclusivity


november 10, 2021

The Impact Alexander Muss High School in Israel Had on My Life


november 10, 2021

Unapologetically Jewish and Zionist: Young Jews Discuss Their Connection to Zionism


november 10, 2021

Finding Meaning in Our Chanukah Rituals


November 3, 2021

A Venerable Veteran Remembered


November 1, 2021

Meet JNF-USA’s New Dream Israel Manager, Zoë Carvel


october 27, 2021

Silence is Violence: Zionism and the Fight Between Good v. Evil


OCTOBER 13, 2021

How do you build a legacy?


october 12, 2021

Miller Family Establishes New Scholarship for JNF-USA’s Alexander Muss High School in Israel

September 9, 2021

Atlanta Philanthropist Helps Israelis With Disabilities Experience Israel


august 25, 2021

Local Student Fundraises her Way Into Study Abroad Scholarship


august 25, 2021

Jewish National Fund-USA lays the groundwork to welcome thousands of new residents to the Negev and Galilee


August 10, 2021

JNF-USA Welcomes New Illinois Board President

july 23, 2021

“Caravan for Democracy” Students Share Their Israel Story


June 3, 2021

Wall of Honor Donor Honors Military Hero and Family Friend


May 26, 2021

Why Israel Is My First Trip and It Should Be Yours Too!


May 25, 2021

Los Angeles JNFuture President is Making a Difference


may 25, 2021

New Jersey Couple Honors Family Members with Gift to Heritage Site


may 24, 2021

JNF-USA Donor Sets her Sights on Important Jewish Heritage Site


may 20, 2021

Miami JNFuture President is Leading the Next Generation of Israel Advocates


may 19, 2021

New York JNFuture President Showcases the Power of Community and Women in Philanthropy

may 19, 2021

Cheris Kline Berlinberg: Advocate for Israel


may 19, 2021

JNFuture Phoenix President Uses the Power of Community to Support Israel


May 14, 2021

Cocoa Bombs, Bat Mitzvahs, and Healing


May 14, 2021

No Matter What, Israel Will Continue to Grow and Prosper


May 13, 2021

Jewish National Fund-USA Israel Update

May 13, 2021

“Udderly” Brilliant: How Your Cheesecake May Soon Come From This Remote Dairy


May 10, 2021

At Just 29, JNFuture San Diego President is Leading the Next Generation

March 31, 2021

JNF-USA Major Donors Hear from Two Negev Mayors at Exclusive Event


March 25, 2021

Elisa Linowes’ Love, Legacy, and Impact to Be Felt for Generations


march 18, 2021

Muss Memoirs


March 15, 2021

High School in Israel Couple Ready for Action


March 12, 2021

A Life Story and an Organic Connection with Israel


March 11, 2021

Wall of Honor a Perfect Fit for Friend

March 9, 2021



March 5, 2021

Philanthropic Wonder Women


March 1, 2021

Passover Crispy Orange Chicken with Ginger and Honey


March 1, 2021

Spice up Your Passover Menu With JNF-USA Virtual Cooking Class


February 25, 2021

JNF-USA Supporter Excited by Timna Park Archaeological Find


february 25, 2021

Jewish National Fund-USA Reading Series: Not Your Average Book Club


February 24, 2021

May Al Badi Spreads Peace from the UAE to Israel with Challah Bread


February 23, 2021

Dr. Itzhak Siev-Ner: Caring for Israel’s Most Vulnerable


February 16, 2021

Wall of Honor Donor Honors Dad


February 11, 2021

“Halvataschen” Recipe


February 10, 2021

When Abba Eban Spoke to My Class: High School in Israel Alum Takes Trip Down Memory Lane


February 4, 2021

JNF-USA’s IsraelCast Podcast Builds Bridges Between Israel, Middle East Neighbors and the World


February 3, 2021

Stella Luftig: Centenarian JNF-USA Supporter Shares Her Story


February 3, 2021

Philanthropist Supports Critical Research Identifying COVID in Water


February 2, 2021

The Legacy of Sharon Schweidel


February 1, 2021

The Abraham Accords Are Changing Rabbi Levi Duchman’s Life in the UAE


February 1, 2021

Sue Bookbinder and Fineberg Foundation Are Spearheading a $1M Match Challenge for Disability Awareness


February 1, 2021

Norah Alawadhi Spreads Peace Between Israel And The UAE


January 29, 2021

MAKOM Community Supports Local Residents During Tu BiShvat

JANUARY 28, 2021

Just as my Ancestors Planted for me


January 25, 2021

A Wall of Honor, Hope, and Heritage


January 25, 2021

Emirati Builds Bridges of Peace Through Business


JanuAry 22, 2021

Стремление русскоговорящих еврейских подростков добиться блестящей академической успеваемости по долгосрочной академической программе для студентов высшей школы в Израиле


January 21, 2021

"High School in Israel Prepared Me for College"


January 20, 2021

Leaving a Legacy of Love for Israel


January 18, 2021

Discovering the Ultimate On-Campus Experience at High School in Israel


January 17, 2021

High School in Israel Deepens Student's Connection to Local Community and Israel


January 15, 2021

The Incredible Life and Legacy of Ellen Barnett


January 13, 2021

A Seder in January?


January 9, 2021

JNF-USA’s Women For Israel Celebrate Literary Leaders


January 6, 2021

Hello From High School in Israel!


DECEMBER 24, 2020

Venture Capitalist Elie Wurtman Says Israel is Fundamentally Repairing the World


December 21, 2020

OurCrowd CEO Jon Medved Outlines Israel's Future With New Gulf Arab Friends


December 3, 2020

Why it Can Pay to be a Philanthropist in Retirement


November 5, 2020

From Generation to Generation: JNF-USA Thrives on Legacy


October 22, 2020

Living the Zionist Dream


October 22, 2020

A Light Unto the Nations


October 21, 2020

Q&A with Baseball Legend, Art Shamsky


OCTOBER 8, 2020

An Ancient Community Celebrates Simchat Torah


September 25, 2020

Duke Professor Explores Israeli Innovation


August 27, 2020

Leading the Way for ALL


August 12, 2020

A New Path for People with Disabilities


July 30, 2020

Helping Israel Come Home


July 29, 2020

Solomon Family Back Israel's Firefighters


May 27, 2020

It's Never Too Late


May 8, 2020

A Conversation with David Mamet


February 28, 2020

NJ State Deepens Academic Ties with Israel


January 31, 2020

Champions of America's Favorite Pastime Arrive in Israel


NOVEMBER 13, 2019

Bridging the Gaps: Jewish National Fund-USA and Lauder Employment Center Help Create New Employment Opportunities in Israel’s South


October 27. 2019

Maximize Your Charitable Impact with a Jewish National Fund Donor Advised Fund


March 07, 2019

Jewish Life Thrives In Gaza Border Communities


March 07, 2019

"Smart Philanthropy" Opens Up Israel's Galilee And Negev Region


March 07, 2019

The Power Of Music: Jnf Unveils A Media Center And Marks 10 Year Anniversary Of Safety For Sderot Residents


March 07, 2019

Saluting Two Souls: At A New Fire Station Dedication Ceremony, Jewish National Fund-usa Donors Commemorate Two Generous Spirits Gone Too Soon By Giving Back To Israel And Its People


January 30, 2019

Five Rabbis Walk Into A Cafe


January 30, 2019

From Footballs To Fields Of Dreams: How One Chicago Resident Impacted An Entire Kibbutz


January 30, 2019

Getting ‘Down And Dirty’ With JNF Volunteer Vacation


October 23, 2018

Jersey Doctor And Nurse Spend Vacation On The Beach-less Arava


September 14, 2018

No Longer The Israel Of Their Youth, Baby Boomers See Israel In New Light


August 22, 2018

Jewish National Fund Brings Israel Education to Life on a Special Tour for American Teachers


July 27, 2018

Commemorating Four Boys and Unveiling a Symbol of Enduring Hope


July 13, 2018

A Tech Tour Trip Through Startup Nation’s Next Big Thing


July 13, 2018

Windy City Residents See Israel In A New Light


July 12, 2018

Jewish National Fund-USA Inspires Jewish High School Students to ‘Be Inscribed’ For Generations to Come


July 10, 2018

The Future of Food is in Northern Israel and Jewish National Fund is Serving Up Some Culinary Delights


June 1, 2018

The Western Galilee and the Sounds of its Music


May 1, 2018

A Return to the Homeland – Jewish National Fund-USA Celebrates Israel@70


April 23, 2018

Jewish National Fund Donors Love Being In Israel On 70th Anniversary


April 23, 2018

Replacing The Sound Of Bombing With Music


April 20, 2018

Israel Remembers Yom HaZikaron at 9/11 Memorial


April 20, 2018

Inscribing The Memory Of Their Sacrifice


March 22, 2018

Jewish National Fund Chairman of the Board-Emeritus Ronald S. Lauder Continues to Build on Ben Gurion’s Dream of Making the Negev the Future


March 22, 2018

Israel’s Women Firefighters – More than up to the Challenge


February 23, 2018

Makor - Making Dreams into Reality in Arad


February 6, 2018

Reflections on the Six-Day War on Tu BiShvat


February 2, 2018

Olim Find New Meaning in an Old Tradition on Tu BiShvat


January 25, 2018

JNF WIRE SPECIAL REPORT: Faculty Fellowship Winter Tour


November 20, 2017

Inquire Within: Lauder Employment Center Connects Student Interns with Employers


November 3, 2017

A Task Force Growing New Communities and Creating a Lasting Change


October 31, 2017

Kibbutz Yahel: A Community for the New Millennium in Israel’s Negev


October 26, 2017

Israel's 21st Century Pioneers and the Jewish National Fund Housing Development Task Force Making the Zionist Dream a Reality


August 15, 2017

A Negev 'Pitch Night' for New Start-Ups also Solves Local Problems


JUNE 23 2017

Annual Water Convention Encourages Youth to Conserve Water in Engaging Ways

JUNE 21, 2017

A New York Family’s Dedication to Preserving Israeli History