High School Engagement

Educating teenagers about Israel one conversation and visit at a time.

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We educate high school students about Israel through service-learning trips and leadership development. 


As part of our commitment to educating the next generation of Jewish leaders, Jewish National Fund works with high schools in local communities across the country and provides resources to help teach youth about Israel and Israeli achievements. These programs range from teaching teens about the innovative ways that Israel has solved its water shortage problem and how JNF helps to protect the environment through water innovation, agricultural research, and more, to interactive programs that celebrate Yom Ha'atzmaut (Israel Independence Day) and teach about the Bedouins, an Arab minority group in Israel.


Three-week service-learning adventure in Israel for teenagers. Participants plant trees, work on farms, clean up beaches, and help beautify a Bedouin community.
10-month leadership development program teaching students how to integrate community service with their lives and culminating with a summer trip to Israel. 
The ultimate college prep study abroad adventure. AMHSI-JNF offers six-week, eight-week, and full semester study abroad sessions. 

One of the newest initiatives for high school students is the Jerusalem U Media Lab, a partnership with
Jerusalem University that challenges assumptions and expands horizons. This film-based, turn-key high school curriculum
introduces the fundamental issues concerning the State of Israel, exploring its unique challenges, accomplishments, and values.
The course inspires students to form a relationship with Israel, her people, and their heritage.

To learn more about curriculum for Water, the Environment, Yom Ha'atzmaut, Minorities, and Jerusalem U, contact the JNF Education Department. 

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