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  • Yom Ha'atzmaut Special in Uniform

  • JDAAIM Educators Training

  • ADI Negev & JNF: Turning Dreams into Reality

  • The Greatest Teacher of My Life | General Doron Almog | TEDxTelAviv

  • ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran & JNF: Making the Negev Bloom

  • Special in Uniform | JDAIM 2020

  • שבט אחים ואחיות - Special in Uniform & JNF Shevet Achim vAchayot

  • Jewish National Fund Task Force on Disabilities Visit Special in Uniform

  • Soldiers Stories: Roi Shifman

  • Soldiers Stories: Omer Lahat

  • Soldiers Stories: Itay Kaufman

  • Special in Uniform Dog Training

  • Soldiers are Integrated into Workplaces

  • Special in Uniform 2020 End of Year Video

  • LOTEM – Raz

  • Shana Tova from LOTEM

  • Tu BiShvat Across America: LOTEM

  • Making Israel Accessible in a Crisis

  • Taglit - Birthright at LOTEM

  • Lotem Video

  • LOTEM JNF Israeli Police

  • LOTEM-JNF Priel

  • Every Person; One JNF: Adva Yodkin’s Story

  • Red Mountain Therapeutic Riding Center

  • Hello from the JNF Task Force on Disabilities!

  • Adi Negev | Doron Almog

  • Adi Negev | Simona Bar Haim

  • Nechemia Chemi Lifshitz


  • Yom Ha’atzmaut Educators Training

  • How Zionism Was Saved

  • America During Israel’s Independence

  • The Formula for Israel’s Existence

  • A Nation’s Sacrifice

  • Israel Ingenuity in Times of War

  • Rays of Light in the Darkness: Stories of Hope During the Shoah

  • Jewish History: How the Challenges We Faced Made Us Stronger

  • Israel’s Declaration of Independence: The Story Behind the Story

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